Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.
- Helen Keller
Ellen Goldberg M.A. Wise-Woman Therapist

Why Therapy?

Psychotherapy is a practice that dates from prehistory. It is one of the archetypal, or primal, patterns of human experience. Since the beginning of humans living together in community, people have sought healing or counsel from particular members of the tribe. Usually, this was a Shaman, an Elder, a Wise-Man or Wise-Woman.

Because of the ancient roots of my profession I define my counseling and therapeutic work by the title “Wise-Woman Therapist.” This wisdom tradition endeavors to learn from every aspect of life. In my work I combine modern modes of psychotherapeutic theory and technique with the wisdom of the ages and traditional methods of healing.

I offer a deeply human, healing partnership. I have worked with people from 16 to 86 to alleviate the myriad problems that come with being human. Emotional pain, recovery from family influences, depression, illness, loss, regret, emptiness, transitions, yearning for change, opening to love, forgiveness, self acceptance, activating one’s spiritual practice, discovery of the True Self, and finding one’s unique place in this world are a sampling of the issues I commonly deal with.

For each one of us, there are ways of restoring wholeness and well-being that are in accord with our particular psyche. I endeavor to tailor my work for each person. There are always many different approaches possible. What matters is what works for you. My work is kind, swift, exciting and enlivening.

Holistic Psychotherapy

I follow a paradigm that views each person through three components of equal importance, the mind, body and spirit. Like a tapestry, these three aspects weave together to create the whole person. Each thread supports as well as is dependent upon the others. If one aspect is ignored all parts suffer. >>
Words of the Wise

“Every morning when I wake up, I’m willing to readjust my attitude.” The Dalai Lama

Our attitude in life is the ultimate freedom that we have. It is the one thing we have under our jurisdiction no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. >>
Buddhism and Mindfulness

One does not have to be a Buddhist to appreciate and benefit from Buddhist insights that free the mind from suffering. Of all the spiritual paths, Buddhism is the most psychological in nature. Most of the early transpersonal therapists were influenced by the teachings of the Buddha, and the concept of the “Self.” >>